Antbuildz Rental Protection

Did you know? You are usually not covered by insurance when you rent any equipment in Singapore. This puts you at risk of financial losses arising from equipment damages.

Accidents can happen in a split second, and the cost of repairs or replacements can easily wipe out months of hard-earned profits. We understand the risks associated with equipment usage and are pleased to introduce Antbuildz Machinery All Risk to all our users.

This customized insurance product is designed to protect our users from any major equipment risks throughout the entire rental duration.

Rent with Peace of Mind

S$15,000 Rental Protection for first loss coverage.

Protection of rented equipment from start till end of rental duration, as short as one day.

Compulsory coverage for every rental made with

Insurance Coverage

What is covered

Accidental loss or damages whilst in use

Theft and/or vandalism

Damages due to fire, bad weather or natural disasters

Damages due to loading and unloading from transportation

What is not covered

Ordinary wear and tear

Pre-existing faults or defects

Unexplained loss or damage


Insurance Claim Process

Step 1: Notify Antbuildz Team within 24 hours of incident

Step 2: Submit an incident report with photographs within 7 days

Step 3: Insurance Partner will assess and advise

Have more questions?

When will Antbuildz Machinery All Risk be effective?

Starting from 1 Jan 2021, all new rentals and rental extensions made on will be covered under Antbuildz Machinery All Risk.

Do I need to do anything to get covered when making rental reservations?

No, every rental made via will be automatically covered as per Antbuildz Machinery All Risk terms and conditions. It’s hassle-free!

Do I need to pay for the Antbuildz Machinery All Risk coverage?

No, is currently subsidizing the cost of coverage for all our users during the entire rental duration.

What is the maximum coverage of Antbuildz Machinery All Risk?

Antbuildz Machinery All Risk cover users up to S$15,000 of first loss coverage. Minimum of 10% or S$2,500 deductible, whichever is higher.

Will I receive any documents for the Antbuildz Machinery All Risk coverage?

Yes, a legal insurance cover note will be issued to you upon confirmation of rental.

When will the Antbuildz Machinery All Risk coverage start and end?

The Antbuildz Machinery All Risk coverage will start upon signing of delivery order and end upon signing of redelivery order of equipment.

Why is insurance so crucial for your equipment rentals?

Protect your risk during rental from unforeseen accident damages. Find out more by reading our previous blog.

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Antbuildz Machinery All Risk is subject to certain terms, conditions and exclusions. To learn more, click here

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