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What is Buy & Sell marketplace? is the largest B2B equipment marketplace in Southeast Asia. In addition to equipment rental,'s Buy & Sell marketplace allows buyers to search, compare, and purchase new or used equipment. Equipment owners can also market their equipment for sale to reach a broader base of potential buyers.

How do I start buying equipment on

It's very simple—just sign up, browse listings, and make an offer on the website. The Antbuildz team will respond to your request or message within 4 working hours via the website chatbox. You can then check the chat and continue the discussion or negotiation before confirming the purchase.

What is the lead time?

The lead time varies by equipment category and seller conditions, as stated on the website. The lead time can range from being ready for delivery up to 4 weeks, depending on the location, equipment category, and condition. Throughout the process, the Antbuildz team will assist you to ensure on-time delivery as per your requirements.

Is the selling price listed final and non-negotiable?

No, the selling price is the expected price from the seller. However, you can make an offer by messaging the Antbuildz team on the platform. The Antbuildz team will provide you with the best price based on the seller's expectations.

Does the selling price listed include delivery?

No, the selling price does not include delivery, as the delivery cost can vary based on the location. The selling price is based on ex-work terms. The Antbuildz team will arrange and confirm the delivery if the buyer requires delivery service, including overseas delivery.

Will you charge GST or any sales tax?

The selling price does not include any taxes. Taxes will be included depending on the country's regulations. For example, anything sold in Singapore will include the GST.

Do I need to pay any fees to buy equipment on

No, it's completely free for users to use the platform to search, compare, and purchase their shortlisted equipment.

Can I buy more than one piece of equipment at the same time?

Yes, you can contact the Antbuildz team for separate arrangements if you're looking to buy in bulk.


Contact us on:

+65-8831 8705

+65-8843 4713

What if I am unable to find the equipment that I am looking for on

If you are unable to find the equipment, it doesn't mean it's not available in the market. You can contact the Antbuildz team, and we will source the particular equipment you prefer in the shortest time possible.


Contact us on:

+65-8831 8705

+65-8843 4713

How do I confirm the purchase of the equipment?

Once you confirm the purchase of the equipment, the Antbuildz team will send the purchase invoice to your email. You must confirm the purchase with payment within 3 working days. Otherwise, the shortlisted equipment will be released for other buyers.

Can I track the delivery status of my purchased equipment?

Yes, you can track the delivery status of your purchased equipment. To do so, please log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard. The delivery status and relevant details should be available there for your reference. Additionally, the Antbuildz team will keep in touch with you until the purchased equipment is safely delivered to your location.


Create your account on:

Are there any warranties or guarantees on the equipment purchased through

Yes, there are warranties and guarantees on the equipment purchased through The equipment purchase will have at least a 2-week equipment warranty on equipment functionality, subject to agreed-upon conditions. For newly purchased equipment, there will be a manufacturer's warranty subject to terms and conditions.


Antbuildz Buy & Sell agreement:

Are there financing options available for equipment purchases on does not currently offer financing options for equipment purchases. Transactions require full payment within 3 working days upon purchase confirmation. However, if you have any financing needs, the Antbuildz team can provide you with a separate solution.


Contact us on:

+65-8831 8705

+65-8843 4713

How can I be assured of the good quality of equipment from

The equipment listed will be clearly indicated with its condition and sold in its existing condition. You may request additional refurbishment to meet your requirements; however, this may involve extra costs. You can contact the team for special requests.


Contact us on:


+65-8831 8705

+65-8843 4713

Can I inspect the equipment before delivery to the site?

Yes, you can arrange necessary inspections before the delivery of the equipment at the seller's storage area at your own cost. Alternatively, you may also request additional information from the seller, such as additional photos or videos.

What if the equipment is damaged when received?

Antbuildz assesses damage to determine whether it occurred before or during delivery, clarifying responsibility for sellers or buyers. If the damage is pre-existing, sellers address it as per agreed conditions, and vice versa.

What should I do if the equipment breaks down just after receiving it?

Depending on the situation, the breakdown will be assessed to clarify whose responsibility it is. Mechanical failures violating the agreed condition fall under the seller's scope, while wear and tear responsibility lies with the buyer.

Is the agreement between me and or the seller?

You are in agreement with Antbuildz Pte Ltd. We have a comprehensive agreement in place to fully protect your interests as a User. 


You can refer to the agreement:

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