Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the first and largest online construction equipment rental platform in South East Asia. We make equipment rentals Smarter, Faster, Easier, and Safer by streamlining the entire rental process into a few clicks. With the power of digitalization, we help construction equipment owners connect their underutilized equipment to all users across Singapore and Malaysia. You can refer to our quick Partner Guide here.

What are the benefits of joining as a Partner?

The benefits of joining are:

1. We increase your utilization and sale! It is a zero-cost marketing channel to market your idling equipment.

2. We guarantee your rental payment. We ensure your payments within 3 working days after rental completion or upon completion of the monthly cycle.

3. Reach out to the biggest audience in just a few clicks. It is extremely fast and easy to list your equipment and rent it out to users.

4. You will have 100% control over your equipment availability and rental rates.

5. It's trustable and safe! We reduce your equipment damage risk with a $30,000 (Singapore) or RM 60,000 (Malaysia) Antbuildz Protection Plan.

Learn more about becoming our Partner here.

How can I become an Partner?

To become our Partner, you will first need to sign up as a User. Then, you can request to become a Partner using your User Account. We will review your eligibility and respond to your request within 24 hours. You can sign up here, or refer to this guide if you have further questions.

Are there any membership fees to join is completely free to use and no upfront fees will be charged to Partners. We will only charge service fees upon successful rentals made on our platform.

Are there any requirements to join as a Partner?

You are qualified to be our Partner if:

1. You own good quality and good condition equipment.

2. Your equipment is locally certified with proper documentation and you have competent mechanics to perform maintenance and attend to breakdowns.

3. You are able to provide delivery of equipment throughout Singapore or Malaysia depend on your business operation.

All information provided on the platform by you shall be true and accurate. You will face equipment listing rejections by Antbuildz Team or even equipment receiving rejections by our Users if any information was found untrue or inaccurate.

When will I receive my equipment rental payments?

We understand the difficulty of payment collection for Partners, and we are here to solve your problems! We ensure rental payments to Partners within 3 working days upon rental completion of the monthly/full rental period. With, you never need to worry about payment collections again.

How will I receive my equipment rental payments?

We will transfer your rental payments via e-banking to the bank details provided by you on our platform. If there are any changes to your bank details, you can amend them in your profile or contact us.

How does ensure the payment guarantee to Partners?

The equipment rental will only be confirmed via advance rental payment made by Users. The advance payment received will be kept within the escrow account to ensure the payment and protect our Partners’ interests.

Is the agreement between me and or the Users?

You are in agreement with Antbuildz Pte Ltd. We have a comprehensive agreement to fully protect your interests as a Partner. You can refer to the agreement here.

Will’s target industry overlap with my existing customer?

It is very unlikely. is open to various industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Marine Shipyard, Facilities Management, Logistics, Warehousing, Renovations, Events and many more. We believe we can create more value for Partners by helping them access a broader base of clientele.

Will my company name be disclosed and will other Partners know my pricing on the platform?

No. To protect our Partners’ privacy, will not disclose the Partner’s name or any Partner information on the platform. The company logos and company names shown in the equipment photos will be covered off by Antbuildz Team when we receive your equipment listings. We also strongly encourage Partners to remove any company logos and company names on the equipment before listing any equipment on our platform.

Do I need to supply operators with the equipment?

Not really, majority of all equipment rentals on are purely based on a bare rental basis, except for certain categories like mobile crane rental, lorry crane rental and etc. However, if there is such a requirement from the User, Antbuildz Team will bring the request to you and we shall handle it manually to support our users.

Is there any minimum rental duration?

The minimum rental duration is 24 hours (1 day). The rental duration can also last up to a few months.

To prevent clashing with future commitments, can I specify a specific duration that I wish to rent out my equipment?

Yes, we have a flexible listing feature that helps you to only list during specific available periods. It is located on your Dashboard, under the “Manage My Equipment” option. You can block off any dates that are not available and only list your equipment availability for a specific period.

Can I only rent out my equipment on a weekly and/or monthly rental basis?

Yes. You can do so by pricing your daily rate the same as your weekly rate; or your weekly rate the same as your monthly rate.

How do I list my equipment on

Once your Partner application is approved, you can log on to your Dashboard and add your equipment by attaching the latest equipment photos, fill in the accurate equipment information, and set your rates. Your listing of equipment will be reviewed and approved by Antbuildz Team within 24 hours.

Should I include GST when listing my rental rates?

No. The rental rates listed on the platform shall exclude GST. The 9% GST will be eventually applied to the total fees upon confirmation of equipment reservation. It will be shown in the Purchase Order document that you will receive.

What if I am not a GST-registered business?

If you are not a GST-registered business, you should declare to us via email, WhatsApp, or call. We will remove the GST amount from the payments made to you.

Can I remove my equipment listings?

Of course, you can remove your equipment listings on the platform by just turning off the availability quick button on your Dashboard. This change will reflect immediately on our platform.

Reasons to remove your equipment listings can include:

1. Your equipment is already booked by another customer outside of our platform. Hence, you need to turn off the availability immediately to prevent double reservations.

2. Your equipment requires time for maintenance purposes.

If I am not the equipment owner, can I still list the equipment on

Yes, as long as you have full control over the equipment and are able to update the real-time availability of the equipment. In the future, if the actual equipment owner uploads the same equipment on our platform, it will be rejected due to the same equipment serial number. Unless we are made known by you that the full control of the particular equipment has been transferred to the equipment owner.

Is there any limit for the number of equipment listings?

There is no limitation. You can list as many equipment as you have and it is totally free! With more equipment presence and the correct pricing strategy, you can significantly increase your chances to be reserved by Users. However, the equipment listed shall be unique and not repeated.

I have an excavator with multiple interchangeable attachments, how do I list them?

For example: If you have a standard bucket excavator with a breaker attachment to interchange, you should list the excavator twice:

First, you should list your excavator under the “Standard Excavator” category, with its serial number “XXXX”.

Then, you need to list the same excavator again under the “Excavator with Breaker” category with the same serial number. But, include “(Breaker)” at the end of the serial number. Example: “XXXX(Breaker)”.

You should do the same for other attachments of the same excavator unit.


If any category of the same excavator has been reserved, you need to immediately make the other categories unavailable to prevent double reservation.

Is it legal to rent out my commercial vehicle to other companies?

Yes, you are allowed to rent out your commercial vehicle to another company for additional income. LTA is not regulating commercial vehicle rental. However, before the rental period begins, we strongly encourage you to check with your insurance agent and ensure your vehicle insurance will continue to cover during the rental period.

Can I change my equipment information after it is listed and approved?

Yes. You have 100% flexibility to amend your equipment information. If you change your rates and location, no re-approvals are required from Antbuildz Team. However, if you change other equipment information such as equipment model, brand, equipment specifications and etc., the equipment will be temporarily removed from the platform and will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours. We will need to ensure the integrity of the information being provided on our platform.

What if me or my staff that handles the equipment listings resign?

If you or your staff have resigned and the email used to register the account with us has been deleted, you can communicate with the Antbuildz Team for transferring of account ownership. The account will be transferred to the new designated email in which you have created, and all the equipment listings and data will be preserved and transferred accordingly.

Who will cover the equipment insurance during the rental period?

It is the Users’ responsibility to ensure insurance coverage of the equipment. Furthermore, all equipment rentals and rental extensions made on will be protected up to S$30,000 under the Antbuildz Protection Plan subject to equipment categories. We significantly minimize your equipment damage risk during the entire rental period.

How long is the reservation period before confirmation of rental?

The reservation period will be 3 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays). Once the User has made payment within the reservation period, a notification email of rental reservation confirmation/Purchase Order will be sent to you. Otherwise, the reservation will be considered cancelled.

What if my equipment is not available or broken down after confirmation of rental reservation?

You should immediately inform Antbuildz Team and replace it with equivalent equipment. If you fail to provide a replacement, the rental will be considered cancelled. You may also face account suspension for a high cancellation rate.

What will happen after a User reserved my equipment?

After your equipment is reserved, we will send you a Partner Rental Reservation notice. Do note that you shall not rent out to any other parties after receiving this notice. Once the User has made the payment within 3 working days, you will receive a Purchase Order sent by us. Then, you should prepare the necessary documentation, ensure the equipment is in good condition and arrange for delivery.

What if Users return my equipment late?

If there is no rental extension approval, the daily rental rate plus an additional 20% penalty of the daily rental rate will be imposed on the User for every additional day of late return.

What if an accident happens during pickup/return by the User?

If the delivery is arranged by the User, it is solely under the User’s responsibility to bear the full cost of the equipment repair and compensate your losses.

Should I use my own Delivery Order documents?

Yes, you should use your own Delivery Order documents. The Delivery Order shall be duly signed for delivery and re-delivery, and uploaded to your Dashboard or sent to Antbuildz Team to certify the rental start date and end date. The Delivery Order is crucial for us to transfer the payment to you.

Are there any maximum operating hours cap for equipment usage by Users?

Yes, the maximum operating hours will be capped to a maximum of 260 hours per month. If you found out that a User operated the equipment for more than 260 hours per month, you can report to Antbuildz Team with proper documentation. Once verified, the extra hours will be charged to the User on a pro-rated basis. In extreme cases, you may have the right to request termination of rental.

What if the equipment has broken down or is damaged during the rental period?

Antbuildz Team will immediately inform you and you shall arrange for mechanic(s) to the User’s job site to resolve the issue. If the damage is due to mishandling by the User, all repair costs shall be borne by the User.

Is there any required response time to attend to the breakdowns of equipment?

You are required to send your mechanic(s) within 4 working hours to attend to equipment breakdowns. If the breakdown is resolved within 4 working hours, there will be no deductions of rental payment. If the breakdown lasts more than 4 working hours, there will be a deduction of the rental payment on a daily basis.

Do I need to provide spark arrestors for diesel-powered equipment?

Unless requested by the User, you do not need to provide a spark arrestor.

For diesel-powered equipment, how much diesel do I need to top up before delivery?

You should top up your diesel-powered equipment with a minimum of a quarter tank (1/4 tank) of diesel before delivery.

Who takes care of the equipment routine maintenance?

Monthly routine maintenance such as lubrication, engine oil change, hydraulic oil change, or any ordinary wear and tear which is meant to be part of the routine maintenance shall be arranged by you.

What if the User dragged and refused to pay for the second monthly cycle payment?

Users will receive a Tax Invoice and are required to make payment before the end of the month cycle. If the User refuses to pay before the end of the cycle, Antbuildz Team will issue a Termination Order and will notify the Partner to retrieve the equipment at the end of the monthly cycle. The security deposit paid by the User will be forfeited according to the agreement and will be paid to the Partner.

What should I do if the equipment tire(s) punctured during the rental period?

You shall make arrangements to replace or repair the tire(s). If the puncture is due to mishandling by the User, the full repair cost shall be borne by the User.

How fast should I respond to rental extension requests made by Users?

Once we received the extension request from Users, we will immediately notify you. You are required to respond with the equipment availability within 4 hours.

After the rental is completed, should I send an invoice to Antbuildz Team for my payment?

After rental completion, we will transfer the rental payment to you within 3 working days accompanied by a Payment Notice. You can prepare and send your invoice to us based on the Payment Notice, but this is unnecessary.

What if I have other types of equipment that do not match any product category available on

If you have other types of equipment, you can always contact us and we will assess its feasibility. If feasible, we can create a new product category on our platform that matches your equipment.

Are there any rental agreements?

Yes. You can refer to the Partner Rental Agreement here.

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