Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the first and largest online construction equipment rental platform in South East Asia. We make your equipment rentals Smarter, Faster, Easier, and Safer by streamlining the entire rental process into a few clicks. With the power of digitalization, we help construction equipment owners connect their underutilized equipment to all users across Singapore and Malaysia. You can refer to our quick User Guide here.

How do I sign up and start renting on

Log in to and click “Sign up” on the upper right tab. Follow the steps to sign up as a user. After sign-up is completed, you can immediately start renting your preferred equipment.

Are there any membership fees to join is a completely free platform to use. No sign-up fees, no commission charges.

Are operators included in equipment rentals made on

Yes, we have both types of rental without an operator and with the operator. Majority of equipment currently listed on is on a bare rental basis. In most cases, Users should provide their own certified operators to operate the equipment. If you need help with sourcing for operators, kindly contact Antbuildz Team via call or WhatsApp at +65 8831 8705 or +65 8831 3875.

How do I start renting equipment on

After registering your User Account, you can start searching for your preferred construction equipment by equipment type, location, rental duration and delivery option on our Homepage or Equipment Page. A list of available equipment will then be presented to you. You may select your preferred equipment by clicking the “Reserve” button and proceed to finalize the reservation.

What if I am unable to find the equipment that I am looking for on

The equipment that you searched for may not be available because it might be rented out, under maintenance, etc. You can contact us via email, call or WhatsApp and let us know your requirements. We will manually help you to check and source the best equipment for you.

How long in advance can I reserve the equipment?

You can only reserve the equipment at least 3 workings days in advance prior to the rental commencement date. However, payment must be paid within 3 working days after your reservation to confirm the rental. If you do need an early delivery, kindly contact Antbuildz Team for special arrangements.

What is the minimum rental duration?

We have a flexible rental duration to help you to save costs. The minimum rental duration is one day (24 hours).

What will be shown after I perform an equipment search?

Below is an example of an equipment search result:



You are able to see equipment photos, all its important equipment specs, and the total rental price. You can also view the equipment catalogue and print the equipment quotation instantly. Traditionally, you have to spend a few days gathering all this information. But now, you can do everything in just a few clicks.

You can also further filter your equipment requirements by using the filter panel located on the left-hand side of the search results.

How are the rental prices calculated?

The rental price of the equipment is calculated based on the daily/weekly/monthly rental rates listed by our equipment suppliers ( Partners):


1) Rental duration less than 7 days, the daily rate will be applied.

2) Rental duration between 7 to 29 days, the weekly rate will be applied.

3) Rental duration 30 days and above, monthly rate will be applied.


Depending on your delivery mode selection, the total rental price shown may or may not be inclusive of delivery fees. If your selected duration is more than 30 days, only a month’s advance payment is required to confirm the rental.


* Please take note that your total rental cost for rental duration under 30 days may be more expensive than rental duration above 30 days as different rates would be applied based on total rental days. You should compare and select the most cost-effective duration.

Will you charge GST?

Yes. Antbuildz Pte Ltd is a GST registered business (GST Reg. No. : 202007699D). GST will be charged on rental fees and delivery fees, but not for security deposits.

Is the agreement between me and or the suppliers ( Partners)?

You are in agreement with Antbuildz Pte Ltd. We have a comprehensive agreement to fully protect your interests as a User. You can refer to the agreement here.

How do I confirm my equipment reservation?

You will need to pay the advance rental fee (up to a month depending on your rental duration), security deposit (at least 20% or more of the Monthly Rental Rate), delivery and re-delivery fee (if applicable), and 8% GST (will change to 9% starting from 1 Jan 2024). There are no other hidden fees.

The security deposit is refundable to Users within 3 working days after the rental is completed.

What will happen and what do I need to do after I reserved the equipment on

After your reservation, you will receive a Rental Reservation and Tax Invoice. You are required to make payment according to the amount on the Tax Invoice to confirm the reservation.

Please take note that if the rental period is more than a month, the amount on the Rental Reservation will be different from the Tax Invoice, as the fees will be capped to a maximum of a month. You will receive another Tax Invoice 7 days prior to the end of the rental calendar month if your rental duration is more than a month.

Why should I rent with by paying advance payment when there are other suppliers that offer credit terms for payment?

You should choose to rent with because:

We help users to discover the best prices in the market. With the rental advance payment, our Partners can offer a better rate than the market rate. Thus, you can have huge savings and increase your profit margins.

We save you time in sourcing, clarifying, and negotiating equipment rentals. You can now rent in just a few clicks.

We will ensure your interests are fully protected throughout the entire rental period with our comprehensive rental agreement.

All rentals and rental extensions made on will be protected with up to S$30,000 (Starting on 1 Jan 2023) of equipment loss damage by Antbuildz Protection Plan, subject to equipment categories.

Why should I trust by making rental advance payments?’s mission is to introduce innovative technology to help users rent equipment Smarter, Faster, Easier, and Safer. The payment will be kept in our escrow account to ensure the interests of both our Users and Partners are protected. The payment will only be released to Partners upon the rental is completed. 

On top of that, if there is any breakdown that causes stop work for you, the breakdown days can be deducted from the total rental fees.

In addition, there is no reason for to defraud the payment and jeopardize our company’s reputation, which costs much more than the rental advance payment.

When will I receive my rental reservation confirmation?

Once payment is made within 3 working days after your rental reservation, your rental will be immediately confirmed and you will receive an email notification.

What if I cancel my rental reservation?

You can cancel your reservation before confirming it (making payment). However, you may face the possibility of account suspension for a high cancellation rate, subject to Antbuildz Team's final decision.

Can I postpone my rental start date after rental reservation confirmation?

For rental durations of one month or more, you can postpone the rental start date up to one week. If the rental duration is less than a month, you are not allowed to postpone the rental start date.

You can request to move the rental start date earlier by notifying Antbuildz Team via email, call, or WhatsApp. The request will be strictly subject to the equipment availability of our Partners.

Can I cancel my rental reservation after making payment and receiving the rental reservation confirmation?

Yes, you can cancel your rental reservation even after confirmation. However, cancellation fees might be applicable for different timelines. Please refer to the Cancellation Clause in our User Rental Agreement.

What if my staff or I left the company and the User Account is under a personal company email address?

You can request for a transfer of account ownership to another email address under the same company. All your data will be preserved and transferred to the new account under the newly assigned email address.

How can I be assured of good quality equipment from

All equipment listed on is of good quality because:

1. All Partner sign-up requests will be individually vetted and approved by Antbuildz Team based on their background and qualifications.

2. All equipment listed by Partners will be individually reviewed by the Antbuildz Team before being published to ensure accurate information and acceptable equipment age. Otherwise, we will reject the equipment listing.

3. If the equipment is delivered not according to specification and is not usable, the full amount will be refunded to you or we will replace it with equivalent equipment. 

Also, you will be presented with all the information when you search for your equipment. This includes the brand, model, equipment pictures, equipment specifications, and manufacturing year. This will help you make better decisions about the right equipment.

Can I inspect the equipment before delivery to site?

Yes. Once you have confirmed the reservation of the equipment, you can request for an inspection. In view of COVID-19, we strongly encourage Users to do a “Virtual Inspection” for equipment where inspection is carried out through a live video call. We will demonstrate the functionality of the equipment or any inspection point as per requirement. You can significantly save your time and keep yourself safe.

Should I cover the equipment with insurance during the rental period?

According to the rental agreement, it's your responsibility to cover the equipment with insurance during the rental period. The good news is, all rentals and rental extensions made on will also be protected with up to S$30,000 (Starting on 1 Jan 2023) equipment damage loss with the Antbuildz Protection Plan subject to equipment categories

Any other repair cost due to your mishandling during the rental period shall be bear by you.

How many hours can I use the equipment per month?

You can use the equipment not more than 260 hours per month. If you need to use the equipment for more than 260 hours per month, you must inform Antbuildz Team for approval and the extended hours will be charged pro-rated. Moreover, we will also need to adjust the routine maintenance schedule to ensure the good condition of the equipment.

Can I pick up and return the equipment myself?

Yes. There is an option for self-pickup or delivery service. If you choose to self-pick up, you shall ensure insurance coverage for the equipment during the transportation.

What if the equipment is damaged when received?

You should immediately report to Antbuildz Team via call or WhatsApp, and we will arrange for repair as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will provide an equivalent equipment as a replacement. The daily rental cost will be deducted from the total rental cost if the breakdown is more than 4 working hours.

Who should bear the cost of fuel consumption?

Our Partners will deliver diesel-powered equipment with at least a quarter tank of fuel (1/4 tank) to Users. You shall top up fuel as required for your usage during the rental period. Upon return, the equipment shall be returned with at least a quarter tank of fuel as per received.

Who should be responsible for equipment maintenance?

Our Partners will be responsible for monthly routine maintenance of the rented equipment such as lubrication, engine oil change, hydraulic oil change, or any ordinary wear and tear as and when required. The user shall conduct daily checks on the rented equipment and do any daily maintenance work such as greasing. Any cost of repairs or replacement parts due to your negligence in operation shall be solely under your responsibility.

Can I shift my rented equipment to other locations during the rental period?

You shall not shift the equipment to another location without notice and approval from Antbuildz Team. Otherwise, the Antbuildz Protection Plan insurance that protects you will be voided. If you wish to shift the equipment to another location, you shall inform Antbuildz Team and obtain written approval from us.

What should I do if the equipment broke down during the rental period?

You should immediately cease using the equipment and report to Antbuildz Team via Dashboard, email, call, or WhatsApp.

We will arrange for mechanic(s) to attend to the repair of the equipment within 4 working hours. No deduction of the rental rate if the accumulated breakdown period is less than 4 working hours. Should the breakdown period exceed 4 working hours, the rental rate will be deducted based on the daily rental rate from the total rental cost accordingly.

What if equipment tire punctures or cuts happened during operation?

If the equipment tire was punctured or cut due to negligence in operation by your team, the tire replacement costs will be charged to you.

Can I extend my rental duration after the rental period expires?

Users should request for rental extension at least 1 week prior to the rental end date via email, call, or WhatsApp to Antbuildz Team. The approval will be strictly subject to equipment availability of our Partner regardless of when the extension request was made.

If the rental extension is approved, you shall make payment within 3 working days (or 3 days prior to rental end date) to confirm the extension. Otherwise, the rental extension request will be considered canceled and we will arrange for equipment collection on original rental end date.

What if I return the equipment late?

For every additional day of late return, you will be charged the daily rental rate plus an additional 20% penalty of the daily rental rate until the equipment is handed over back to our Partner. Any incurred additional delivery charges will be charged to you as well. These charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

Do I need to wash dirty equipment before returning it?

You shall at least ensure the equipment is clean from concrete and mud upon returning the equipment. Otherwise, you will be charged with reasonable cleaning fees.

Can I return the equipment earlier than the rental end date?

Yes, you can inform Antbuildz Team via call, email, or WhatsApp for early returns of equipment. However, the rental fees will still be charged as per the rental reservation confirmation.

When will I get back my security deposit?

We will refund the security deposit to you within 3 working days after rental completion (equipment delivered back to our Partner and Delivery Order duly signed). At the same time, you will receive a refund notice.

Can I rent more than one piece of equipment at the same time?

Yes. You can select and place more than one piece of equipment in your cart. To finalize the reservation, you have to confirm one piece of equipment at a time. But for the payment, you can pay all at once.

Are there any rental agreements?

Yes. You can refer to the User Rental Agreement here.

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