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Rental Protection

$30,000 of complimentary rental protection , protecting users from potential losses due to damegs.

In partnership with
Rent with
peace of mind

Up To $30,000

$30,000 Rental Protection coverage for your first loss.


Complementary coverage for every online rental made with

Full Coverage

Protection is guaranteed for the whole rental duration. Rental

Protection Coverage

Fast and easy claim process

Antbuildz Protection Plan is subject to certain terms, conditions and exclusions. To learn more, click here.


Notify Team within
24 hours of incident.


Submit an incident report with
photographs within 7 days.


Insurance partner will assess
and advise. has your back!

With Rental Protection, you can now rent
equipment without worrying about incurring potential
financial losses due to equipment damage.






Recurring Users

Have more questions ?

When will Antbuildz Rental Protection be effective?

Starting from 1 Jan 2021, all new rentals and rental extensions made on will be covered under Antbuildz Machinery All Risk.

Do I need to do anything to get covered when making rental reservations?

No, every rental made via will be automatically covered as per Antbuildz Machinery All Risk terms and conditions. It’s hassle-free!

Do I need to pay for my equipments to be covered by Rental Protection?

No, is currently subsidizing the cost of coverage for all our users during the entire rental duration.

What is the maximum coverage for Antbuildz Rental Protection

Antbuildz Machinery All Risk cover users up to S$30,000 of first loss coverage. Minimum of 10% or S$2,500 deductible, whichever is higher.

Will I receive any documents for the Rental Protection coverage?

Yes, a legal insurance cover note will be issued to you upon confirmation of rental.

When will the Antbuildz Rental Protection coverage start and end?

The Antbuildz Machinery All Risk coverage will start upon signing of delivery order and end upon signing of redelivery order of equipment.

Turn your idle equipments
into extra income

Don’t know what to do with your idle equipments? List it and rent them out in just a few clicks with Not to mention, your equipments are protected with Rental Protection.




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Recurring Users